YouTube Fail, American Rights Counsel Doesn’t Exist

YouTube, or maybe they should be called NoobTube, and no that’s not a BF2 reference to people using grenade launchers at point blank. Any way back on the point, YouTube has once again done something that makes them look foolish after receiving 4000 DMCA take down notices from an organisation that does not exist. That’s right they have started dropping peoples accounts based on false claims from a group that does not exist. The false group in question is American Rights Counsel LLC, a group that basically doesn’t exist. The only results you will find in Google will be for people complaining about their accounts being suspended. For a group that sounds like a rights group, they sure know how to suppress peoples rights. Buy the way Filing a false DMCA claim is illegal.

Welcome to ‘The Suck’ if you’re a YouTube user.

Anyway here is a list of some forum threads and other articles on this current debacle:

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