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Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe

OpenTTD is a clone of the Microprose game “Transport Tycoon Deluxe“, a popular game originally written by Chris Sawyer. It attempts to mimic the original game as closely as possible while extending it with new features.

It also happens to be a favourite of mine, considering I played to original game before Transport Tycoon Deluxe came along.

Spammers Abusing Google’s "Im Feeling Lucky"

Spammers of late have been attempting to hide their sites behind other innocent sites. The best little trick they have come up with of late is to use the Google feature “I’m Feeling Lucky”. This feature essentially takes you strait to the top site in your Google search request. The aim of this is to get around Spam blacklists and filters. Unfortunately this method relies on their page being the top result.

Example of spam:

Order All of your favorite RxMeDs Online!
With fast discreet trackable USPS shipping!
No Prescription Needed!
Order__NoW ~ Click__Here

Essentially what this does is an “I’m Feeling Lucky” search in Google for myvisameds global cart when the sucker (user) clicks on the Click Here they are ment to be taken to the site The site is supposedly trying to sell drugs like Viagra, Vicodin, Cialis, Valium, Soma, Xanax, Ultram, Ambien, Prozac, Meridia, Levitra, Zoloft, Nexium, and Propecia. The usual stuff you should have a prescription for and should go to your local chemist to buy. Not thats theres anything wrong with shopping online but seriously do you really know what your getting online.

This is very easy to change for the rest of use with legitimate pages as essentially all we need to is include their search phrase on our own page and boom if Google rates our site higher the spammers site, then the spam links go to our page instead.

Since adding this article check out how many stupid people have been trapped by this spam because I’ve included the search phrase on my site. This gives you some idea of how thick people can be.

Update 2
ResearchBuzz post back on 21st January 2004 on how to hack a Google “I’m feeling Lucky” link.

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Phrases I’ve seen so fare:

myvisameds global cart

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“million megabet from casino online” Magic Jackpot!

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domain2find the next portion

official lawyer we need a warning .cz


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2Clix Claims Case Withdrawal

Rumor has it that 2Clix have dropped their case against Whirlpool, but not according to the records of the Queensland Supreme Court that may not be the case. At this point it has not bee confirmed by 2Clix solicitors, and Whirlpool has had trouble getting an answer out of them. This is leaving everything up in the air at present with nothing being for certain.

It now appears as though it is true. Whirlpool received a response late today from 2Clix solicitors Turnbull & Co, stating that it has received instructions to discontinue the case and that it will “attend to preparation of the Notice of Discontinuance”.

So at this point it looks like a victory for Simon and his member base.

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Electronic Frontiers Australia Media Release

Billion BIPAC-7402VGO Firmware Update

Billion have updated the firmware on the BIPAC-7402VGO.

Version: V5.52h1 (12th of September, 2007)
New Features:


Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed MNF one way voice issue.

Known Issues:

  • The multiple SIP accounts function doesn’t support ringing on both FXS ports, either but not both.
  • T.38 may not work with some VSPs.
  • 6404VP/VGP has problem getting VoIP to work behind 74xx range.
  • Garbled Calls (6404/7404) in AU (Only affects users already experiencing this).
  • Nokia N95 has problem getting successful SIP registration.

Version: V5.52h (17th of August, 2007)

New Features:


  • Corrected some ADSL information on web page.
  • Corrected Network Busy/Congestion Tones for Spain.
  • Modified DHCP server’s reply packets for HOSTNAME option (option 12) behaviour.
  • Added the capability to display local SNR Margin and Line Attenuation for 85xx.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed the bug whereby ping to will fail sometimes when doing diag-nostic.
  • Fixed the bug that Profile accounts won’t stop Ringing after call cancelled.
  • Fixed the bug whereby there is no Contact field in re-INVITE of forking case.
  • Ring & Tone settings not being retained after reboot.

Known Issues:

  • The multiple SIP accounts function doesn’t support ringing on both FXS ports, either but not both.
  • T.38 may not work with some VSPs.
  • 6404VP/VGP has problem getting VoIP to work behind 74xx range.
  • Garbled Calls (6404/7404) in AU (Only affects users already experiencing this).
  • MyNetFone issue in AU
  • Nokia N95 has problem getting successful SIP registration.

Billion Downloads 7402VGO

2Clix Sues Whirlpool Founder

2Clix Australia Pty Ltd, an accounting software firm, has initiated legal proceedings against Whirlpool founder Simon Wright. 2Clix is alleging that Simon Wright allowed forum members to post statements relating to 2Clix software applications that are both false and malicious. They are claiming damages of around $150,000 (AU), plus costs, and demanding the offending threads be removed.

I question if 2Clix is taking the right steps here, I mean Whirlpool has a member base of over 180,000 members (yes there may be duplicates in there) and thats potentially a very large group of people to alienate. In reality I think this may do them more harm than good.

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Term of Interest – Streisand effect
The “Streisand effect” is a term used to describe a phenomenon on the Internet where an attempt to censor or remove (in particular, by the means of cease-and-desist letters) a certain piece of information (for example, a photograph, file, or even a whole website) backfires and the information receives extensive publicity on the Internet, often widely mirrored, or distributed on file-sharing networks in a short period of time.

Special Site

Command & Conquer Gold – Now free for download!

Westwood and EA are celebrating Command & Conquer‘s 12th birthday with a month of celebrations in September, and to start it all off, they’re giving away the first game – free!

ISO Images of both the GDI and NOD disks are publicly available.

The Official Site reads as follows:

Thanks largely to the efforts of our loyal fans whom continue to sustain and grow the Command & Conquer community, Command & Conquer has become a legendary franchise and it’s time to celebrate its birth once again.

In order to give back to the fans for over 12 years of devotion we are putting together a 12th Anniversary celebration during the month of September. However, as any Command & Conquer fan knows, the true party starts today, August 31st, which marks 12 years since Command & Conquer Gold launched way back in 1995.

To kick the celebration off, today we have a special surprise which we are certain new and old Command & Conquer fans will enjoy. We are providing the original Command & Conquer Gold as a free download, compatible for Windows XP! This is the same version included with the collectors pack Command & Conquer: The First Decade, and is now available for you to download for free!


We are providing the ISO image of C&C GOLD for both the GDI and Nod discs. In order for C&C GOLD to run on Windows XP, you will need to burn the ISO image onto a CD with a CD Burner and any “CD Burning Software” such as Nero, Alcohol, etc. There are also a few extra steps in order to make C&C GOLD run on Windows XP after you burn it to CD. Please click the link below for the exact instructions after you download both files!

Click Here to Download


Continuing on in the month of September, be sure to keep your eyes right here on our official site at each week as we plan to celebrate and remember 12 years of Command & Conquer in a number of different ways.