Monthly Archives: May 2007

Robbie McGregor (aka SBS voice guy)

Seriously this guy’s voice (Robbie McGregor) is so very distinctive. Australian’s out there will know him as the SBS voice guy, others may have heard samples of his voice around, either way you have to listen to this one recording he made, it’s seriously funny.

Oh yes and it’s not for children’s ears or anyone else who is easily offended. It may contain the following: butt plug, ejaculating, vaginal inspection kit, tool box, duck billed lip spreader, orgasmic dimension, and anal intruder.

The Download has been deleted from Robbie’s site (Very disappointed)

Live Journal, Fascists?

Live Journal to make its site less attractive to sex pests seems to have backfired as the administrators purge the site of hundreds of sex-themed discussion groups.

Users are incandescent with rage after they found literary critiques and fan-written fiction about Harry Potter purged in an effort to protect children. Live Journal deleted around 500 journals this week in hopes of better “protecting children” following requests by activist groups.

While some journals were clearly dodgy the online journal burners seem to have demanded the removal of science fiction, fantasy or user-written “fandom” stories.

Live Journal’s sex pest purge backfires

V-Tech (Virginia Tech) Rampage Game Insanity

So main stream media appear to have picked this one up, and what a varied reaction it has prompted. V-Tech Rampage, Virginia Tech Rampage for those with no clue, is a game created based on the shooting events at Virginia Tech University in April. A 21-year-old Sydney man (aka PiGPEN) created this charming little number. While some may find it distasteful, others have enjoyed it. Schadenfreude, I think yes. But also a good exercise in marketing for his site as well (

Telstra has Sook over own Poll Results

It appears as though after Telstra placed a poll on its site ( that the truth has now been shoved down their throats. The poll asked openly and plainly “Who do you think is blocking high-speed broadband for Australia?” after results clearly were pushed to 97.1% saying that it was Telstra’s fault that they pulled the poll. While at the time of writing this the poll is sitting in the poll archive I suspect that it will soon disappear from the site. Interestingly enough it was replaced with a poll asking “Have you ever tried to rig an online poll?”