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QoS Cheat Sheet

If you’re interested in a really good cheat sheet for QoS, then head on over to It will save you from looking dumb when your brain decides to take a holiday.

It containins information on:

  • Quality of Service Models
  • Layer 2 QoS Markings
  • IP QoS Markings
  • QoS Flowchart
  • QoS Terminology
  • Per-Hop Behaviors
  • Congestion Avoidance
  • IP Type of Service (TOS)
  • Precedence Values
  • DSCP Values
  • Queuing Comparison Chart
  • First In First Out (FIFO)
  • Priority Queuing (PQ)
  • LLQ Configuration Example
  • Custom Queuing (CQ)
  • Weighted Fair Queuing (WFQ)
  • Class-Based WFQ (CBWFQ)
  • Low Latency Queuing (LLQ)
  • Troubleshooting QoS

PacketLife Cheat Sheets

Firefox Download Day 2008

The folks over at Spread Firefox are trying to get themselves into the Guinness World Records, to do this they need your help. The attempt is pretty simple, All you have to do is get Firefox 3 during Download Day to help set the record for most software downloads in 24 hours.

I personally will be downloading and installing to a few computers.

Download Day 2008

The Windows Wasteing 20% of Your Bandwidth Myth

Myth: Windows uses 20% of your bandwidth all the time for it’s own purposes.

Facts: Many technical sites and blogs have claimed this will increase your internet connection speed and that Windows always reserves 20 percent of the available bandwidth for QoS. This is entirely wrong. As in Windows 2000, programs can take advantage of QoS through the QoS APIs in Windows XP. 100% of the network bandwidth is available to be shared by all programs unless a program specifically requests priority bandwidth.

Windows XP Quality of Service (QoS) enhancements and behavior

Just Got Myself a Reciva Logik IR100 Internet Radio

Here is an interesting device for you all out there. I decided that I was sick and tired for the horrible radio reception I have at my house given that I pretty much have hills in all directions accept for the ocean to the east. My solution to the problem is however not unique, there are probably a fair few of these things out in the world these days. It’s rather uncomplicated to steam content online these days, and I must say the Reciva Logik IR100 is rather uncomplicated. (Well from my perspective anyway)

First thing I noticed was that the box is not in English, not like I care as long as the unit inside is what it’s meant to be, I did order this from here in Australia so obviously DStore who I got it through, obtained them from a source in Europe.

There is probably no sellers here in Australia at this point, not to mention it’s hard to find any Internet Radios here in Australia anyway. Dick Smith had one (SAGEM My Du@l Radio 700), the guys in the shop didn’t know much about it, and to be honest with you after reading online about it I’m happy with my Logik choice. It might cost a bit more but functionality wise it’s a breeze.

First place I’m going to point you all to is My Reciva Logik IR100 Internet Radio Resource page, now this isn’t My page, it’s some else’s, but it will give you some good ideas about Reciva Logik IR100 Internet Radio. (Not to mention a link to the manual) You will notice from my pictures that my unit is different to the one listed on the above site, that’s because I think mine is a latter generation model.

So let me just get to the point, here are my criticisms:

  • For some reason it doesn’t appear to be compatible with my Netgear WG302 Access Point
  • Wifi range from the unit is poor considering what a PCMCIA card with no visible antenna can do, good thing I have high power antennas on my Router and Access Point to saturate my house

…that’s all I can find at this point, so it’s pretty good at this point. Will update if I find any others.

Update 1

Ok did a firmware update to my router (Draytek 2700VG) and now the signal is way better so maybe the weak signal was caused by the router & not the player.

Do You Feel Sad For This Lamp?

A few months back I was looking at a blog called Scarlet Words. The blog is written by an Aussie 20 something young lady. On her blog she had A Clever Advertisement that is produced by Ikea. I have to say I must be crazy cause, I feel sad for the lamp. Discarded on the curb, stuck sitting in the cold rain at night, looking at the ground all depressed.


Cleaver ad… worked for me.

Where can I get the Old Lamp Ikea? Cause I want to give one a home. 🙂

Debian/Ubuntu OpenSSL Vulneribility

Well if you use Debian or Ubuntu is would suggest looking into that conf, apparently PRNG (Pseudo Random Number Generator) is predictable and installing a patch isn’t good enough to fix this problem. After installing the patch you will need to regenerate your keys.

All OpenSSH and X.509 keys generated on such systems must be considered untrustworthy, regardless of the system on which they are used, even after the update has been applied.

USN-612-1: OpenSSL vulnerability
DSA-1571-1 OpenSSL – Predictable Random Number Generator