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Near and dear…

Okay, now for something completely out of line with context of this site, and mostly just because I need to vent gorramit!

Near and dear to evryone who reads this blog would be what this post is gonna be about, GIRLS. Yes, either you like one (or more) or you are one (or, likely, more, if my female schizophrenia theory works…)…

So, girls, well, actually one girl, cos I can only like one at a time. Though I will admit I see the likelyhood of this particular situation seems much higher than I ever dreamed when I think about it.

See, girls can multitask (I can too, cos I’m half girl you know, one of my parents was a girl…). So girls can like more than one person at once, which is funny, cos they tell you they like you, then they go with some other guy, yet they still make eyes at you, and play footsies, and touch you in ways which are sensual and could be easily avoided, should they not wish the contact…

Its crud, only change crud for a stronger and more vulgar word.

All of this coupled with the fact that the guy she’s picked to canoodle with works for me, and you’ve got yourself an explosive little situation I tells ya.

So anyways, I went on a business trip, and there she was, on the same trip, and she was all, cool, and yum, and she jumped my bones, which was highly enjoyable, probably the best I’ve had, ever. Then one night, after we’d been out, we go back to her place and find ol’mate (that guy who works for me) sleeping in her living room, waiting for her to get home (turns out they knew each other long before I was on the scene), not wanting to punch on (which seemed the likely course of events had I stayed) I bowed out (bad move) next morning, they’re together. Sucks.

Now, she’s making eyes at me again, and asking me all sorts of questions I don’t want to answer, cos they make me admit I have emotions, which are bad things to have, and making physical contact in highly inappropriate ways.

Hmm, this post makes almost no sense.

Reminds me of the bad japanese cartoon porn, based on a poorly drawn american childrens cartoon, that my life seems to resemble…

Oh yeah, and um,

MAC’s are bad cos no one writes good software for them,
and PC’s are bad cos Microsoft writes operating systems that good software can’t be written for…

Um yeah. I’m going to go pretend I’m working again…

Battlefield 2 Stats Outage Compensation

Following the June outage of Battlefield 2 stats, DICE and EA have been working to compensate all players who were active during that time for the inconvenience that we realize this issue represented. After examining all the options, it has been decided that players who were active during the stats outage will be granted 2000 points as well as a gold star. This will be awarded to over 150,000 affected players starting at 12:00AM PST August 8, 2007.

Additionally, it was recently discovered that stats from some 64 player servers during the outage period could not be recovered as we had previously believed and sincerely hoped. Stats from smaller servers were unaffected. However, we realize and recognize this still represents a disappointing loss of both time and points to a great deal of players. We want to apologize for that unanticipated outcome, and wish we could provide additional compensation.

We hope that this compensation goes some way towards easing the loss, and wish to again apologize for the frustration this stats issue represented for many of you.

The Mating Call of the Noob

This is one of the most often heard calls when playing Battlefield 2, it is often cried out by dirty little pre-teen stains in their fathers pants. It can consist of words like, Cheater, Hacker, Haxor etc. or usually a statement about how they think that someone is cheating when that person is clearly not. For example being a commander and some noob saying, “Player X is getting score, he’s doing nothing but he’s earning points”. Also the noob will often use leet-speak (poorly, and excessively). Persoanlly I think leet-speak is lame.