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Reddit Is Fun removed from Google Play

So here is the problem, if “Reddit Is Fun” violates the following terms:

Your application shouldn’t contain content that displays (via text, images, video, or other media) or links to:
(…) Pornography, obscenity, nudity, or sexual activity

Doesn’t this mean that any web browser on the Android platform also violates this rule, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera. This may also explain why Stumbleupon has removed the ability from it’s client to allow users to search for custom tag strings.

Apple of course has a similar clause in it’s terms also.

But anyway if you want Reddit is Fun for your Android device you know have to go to the effort of installing the APK yourself without the market. Thanks for making life harder for user Google, no choice for you.


Well, I have finished the move to WordPress, well as much as can be at this point, right now I’m still looking for 404 errors (broken links) in the site that point to things I may have missed. Must admit that Googles Webmaster Tools has been helpful at finding the links from other sites that link into my site, this give me to opportunity to redirect them to the right place. (Don’t want to miss out on those inbound links)

Google Fail!

Thats right, Google just fell over.

Google Fail

And no, my typeing ‘Google‘ into Google didn’t cause it, any search I conduct returns the results with every single page link having the message “This site may harm your computer.”

Google fail, it’s epic and you know it.

Google Search Engine’s Malware Detection Broken


Google and StopBadware.org have both responded to the problem.

Google has admitted that human error was to blame, more specifically, the URL of ‘/’ was mistakenly checked in as a value in their database.

Google Chrome Logo Unoriginal

So Google has released their own browser, it’s called Chrome. Now I’ll be having a look at this browser to see if I think it’s any good, otherwise I’ll be sticking with Firefox as my primary browser.

However, I thought I would point something out to everyone. Has everyone noticed how the Chrome logo looks something like a Pokéball. Dare I make the accusation that Google has a team of developers working on Chrome that are Pokémon fans, God help us all.

  • Chrome logo taken from the Google Chrome page
  • Pokéball image taken from Keith’s Website (Site Offline)

Google Street View Now Avalible in Australia

Damn I missed my chance to put something in my front yard for Google street view, but anyway I can see my house. Google Street view allows you to take a virtual tour of the streets on which they have taken photos with their fancy 360 degree camera system. One thing that disappoints me is however that they could have used this as an opportunity to fix some of the map mistakes that exist in my local area, for example the Pacific Highway in the area of Ocean Shores and Brunswick Heads. The image you see below is the intersection of Sharra Boolavad and Brunswick Valley Way, not the Pacific Highway like it shows. The highway was upgraded but the map was not.