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Classification Board Site Defaced

The ABC is reporting that the Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) has been defaced. At present the site appears to be down displaying the message “Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)”, however the ABC has been kind enough to capture a screen shot with there article.

The defaced page reads:
This site contains information about the boards that have the right to CONTROL YOUR FREEDOMZ. The Classification Board has the right to not just classify content (the name is an ELABORATE TRICK), but also the right to DECIDE WHAT IS AND ISNT APPROPRIATE and BAN CONTENT FROM THE PUBLIC. We are part of an ELABORATE DECEPTION from CHINA to CONTROL AND SHEEPIFY the NATION, to PROTECT THE CHILDREN. All opposers must HATE CHILDREN. All opposers must HATE CHILDERN, and therefore must be KILLED WITH A LARGE MELONS during the PROSECUTION PARTIES IN SEPTEMBER. Come join our ALIEN SPACE PARTY.

The last paragraph sounds kind of odd and is very random. Funny thing is the person who has done this is completely off target when it comes to who they should be after.

‘Control yr freedomz’: Classification Board site defaced

ACMA Blacklist Leaked

ACMA’s (Australian Communications and Media Authority) list of banned web pages has been leak onto The list which is meant to contain links to supposed banned content such as child pornography, also lists large online poker sites, YouTube pages and even some Wikipedia links.

But what the list also contains is the website of a Queensland dentist ( which appears to be on their for no good reason. Someone must really hate the dentist, or the government is trying to protect kids from the dentist.

In Ur Internet Blockin Ur Dentist

Update 1

Conroy now claims in a statement that the list is not actually the ACMA list.

ACMA, The New Tool to Silence You

ACMA has issued Whirlpool’s web host Bulletproof Networks with a notice to remove a link to this anti-abortion web page, blacklisted by the regulator in January. At risk of their host being hit with $11,000 fines per day….
[More @ Somebody Think Of The Children]

I find this both shocking an appalling. While I may not necessarily agree with the content, it is an opinion and that is no reason for it to be silenced. This in no way to protect children Conroy, the children are already dead at the site in question, and adults should be able to form their own option of the content in question not have you tell them what to think. This is the kind of nonsense that should have been stamped out long ago.

Heil Conroy

Open Redirect At

Some spammers have found an open redirect in the website. Today I received a peace of spam that was exploiting this redirect.

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Under the link an address like the following that points to a spammers site is found:

Google is used purely as an example.