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Taking Photographs in a Public Place

I’ve always wanted to know what were a photographers rights when it comes to taking photos in a public place. I’ve seen videos and articles that don’t apply to Australia, and to be honest I bet most people in Australia don’t know.

The general gist of it is:
It is generally possible to take photographs in a public place without asking permission. This extends to taking photographs of buildings, sites and people.

If you want to read about this then you should check out the Street Photographers Rights page at the Arts Law Centre of Australia.

QuickTime Alternative 2.70 MSI Installer

A new version of Quicktime Alternative is available, version 2.70. Here is the new MSI file for deployment. If you want the normal QuickTime Alternative package it can be found at Codec Guide.

MSI Installer Downloads

Details on the build process can be found here at my first MSI installer for Real Alternative 1.75, the process for producing a QuickTime Alternative MSI installer is exactly the same as a Real Alternative MSI installer. As always you should actively virus scan these files if you don’t trust them.

Real Alternative 1.84 MSI Installer

There is now a new version replacing 1.82 of Real Alternative, version 1.84. If you want the normal Real Alternative 1.84 and not the MSI installer version that is below, you can find it at Codec Guide.

MSI Installer Downloads

Details on the build process can be found here at my first Real Alternative 1.75 MSI Install. As always you should actively virus scan these files if you don’t trust them.

Be Prepared, The LHC is Go

I thought Id all help you with the most vital item you can have with you today as the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) fires up. You see being the doom sayer that I am I’m expecting a resonance cascade to occur and a hoard of aliens to descend upon the earth. This will lead to a war that will last 7 hours and the human race to lose badly and be enslaved. So I’m hoping you all have your trusty crow bars ready to fight off the headcrabs, cause those little buggers aren’t going to get me.

Remember long live the Freeman
– Cowering in fear in a storm water drain, JAB_au

Wait, is that you Gordon?

[ Yes to much Half Life make me go something something.. ]

Watch the Chaos unfold at HardronWatch

YouTube Fail, American Rights Counsel Doesn’t Exist

YouTube, or maybe they should be called NoobTube, and no that’s not a BF2 reference to people using grenade launchers at point blank. Any way back on the point, YouTube has once again done something that makes them look foolish after receiving 4000 DMCA take down notices from an organisation that does not exist. That’s right they have started dropping peoples accounts based on false claims from a group that does not exist. The false group in question is American Rights Counsel LLC, a group that basically doesn’t exist. The only results you will find in Google will be for people complaining about their accounts being suspended. For a group that sounds like a rights group, they sure know how to suppress peoples rights. Buy the way Filing a false DMCA claim is illegal.

Welcome to ‘The Suck’ if you’re a YouTube user.

Anyway here is a list of some forum threads and other articles on this current debacle:

Google Chrome Logo Unoriginal

So Google has released their own browser, it’s called Chrome. Now I’ll be having a look at this browser to see if I think it’s any good, otherwise I’ll be sticking with Firefox as my primary browser.

However, I thought I would point something out to everyone. Has everyone noticed how the Chrome logo looks something like a Pokéball. Dare I make the accusation that Google has a team of developers working on Chrome that are Pokémon fans, God help us all.

  • Chrome logo taken from the Google Chrome page
  • Pokéball image taken from Keith’s Website (Site Offline)