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Speedtest Time

From time to time I like to do a speed test on my internet connection, I’m proud to say mine is pretty nice right now.

Speedtest.net Result 7th October 2010

This is the result on my connection, it is on a Telstra Wholesale ADSL2+ port through Internode, in regional Northern New South Wales. (Zone 3 Exchange)

Australian ISPs on Twitter

Ever wanted to know which ISP’s in Australia are on twitter, here’s a list for you all.

If you know of an others please comment below.

Internode now has a SourceForge Mirror

Finally some great news, my ISP of choice (Internode) has opened a SourceForge mirror. I almost fell off my chair when I seen it, after many users begging them for one on Whirlpool they have given use one. Apparently there is about 5 terabytes of information hosted by Internode in the SourceForge mirror, bringing Internode‘s total unmetered content to about 32 terabytes.

Internode Sourceforge mirror Live
Internode opens Sourceforge mirror
Internode embraces open source with SourceForge mirror

Internode Leads Charge For Wholesale ADSL2+ From Telstra

South Australian based ISP Internode has announced that itself & a group of 9 other ISP’s are partitioning the ACCC to compel Telstra to provide wholesale ADSL2+ access.

The main points of argument are as follows:

  • That Telstra provides untenably high wholesale transmission pricing
  • Telstra also claims exchanges are full and there is no spare space in cases were this is not true
  • Telstra delays approval to access exchanges to install DSLAMs

Internode leads ISP bid for access to Telstra ADSL2+
The Letter to The ACCC

The Return of Internode Premium Usenet Access

Didn’t see this one coming, but it’s a good thing for anyone who is and Internode customer. It’s back to the good old days of Premium Usenet access from probably the number one ISP in Australia. To bad I’m not with them at present, although my place of work is. Then again I might consider this to be something that will make me change back to them as this is a very nice value added service for an ISP to offer.

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