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Daylight Saving Time

Alright apparently there has been some grief with Daylight saving time. Basically lots of companies have had issues with there computers entering Daylight saving to early, this has caused all sorts of havoc. There probably a good reason for that, one, they haven’t applied Microsoft patch KB942763, or two they are running Windows 2000 servers that don’t have a patch. Yes thats right, either they are lazy or you can blame Microsoft for not releasing a patch.

Lucky me, in my case at work the only computers with the wrong time were Windows 2000 servers, and any computers that were set to use a 2000 server as an Authoritative Time Server. Fortunately here is how to fix it for Windows 2000.

Windows 2000 Daylight Savings Time 2008 KB Article 914387

Audio-Surf Kicks Ass

Oh my God, Oh my God… This has to be the most original & fun game released since Portal. Audio-Surf is a game that is a cross between R-Type, Guitar Hero, Columns, Wipeout and probably some other games I can’t think of now. Audio-Surf builds puzzles based upon the music track you select to play.

Example: Nine Inch Nails – The Wretched (Version)

Every element is based upon the song you chose, and you can compete against other peoples scores on a particular song. All in all one seriously cool idea for a game.

You can get the Demo from the Audio-Surf website or buy it through Steam (*It’s Only US$9.95 – About AU$12*)

I thought I would add some more info to this.

Audio-Surf is actually produced by and independent designer, so don’t expect to see it in the shops. At present the only place you can buy it is Steam. If you don’t like Steam then see this thread.

Buy it Here

Dekalb Police Step Into Hornets Nest

This video serves no other purpose than to enlarge the numbers of people protesting with Anonymous in their activities against The Church of Scientology. Many people online would see this as a violation of their rights to peaceably assemble & picket/protest against ideals that they disagree with. One could say that we have the right to an opinion & to express this opinion to others, which is what I like to deliver on my site, opinion.

Arrest Video
The Act