Monthly Archives: July 2008

GhostBusters Rumors

The internet rumor mill is churning around the idea that there could be a new Ghostbusters movie added to the film series. According to a source Steve Carell and Seth Rogen will be joining Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson in the creation of another movie. This would complete a trilogy however it is expected to be a contrived affair with the original actors handing over to the new boys. I expect it might be fun, however it could be an abysmal failure, or at least just another movie churned out from Hollywood.

Folder Size for Windows

Every wanted to see the folder size in Windows Explorer, and yes I know you can look at the properties of a folder to get its size, but that is an extra step that I don’t want to do. I stumbled across this project on sourceforge, and what it does is adds a replacement column to Windows Explorer that can not only give you the size of your files but can also display the folders size in the same way.

Folder Size for Windows

IOS: Save Running Configuration for Startup

I have my hands on a Cisco IOS based router, so I thought it time to place probably one of the most important commands you will use with an IOS based device on my site.

copy running-config startup-config

The above command copies the configuration that is currently being used/run by the router into the non-volatile memory (NVRAM). The running-config is basically what is sitting in RAM, if the power goes out it’s wiped. NVRAM is were we store this config for use when the router is started, reset, or when the power fails.

This is one of the area’s were Cisco equipment differs from your average Customer-premises equipment (CPE) gear. This can bite you in the ass if you haven’t dealt with it before.