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My school days…

I don’t know about all you highly educated readers out there, but where I went to school, the only books they gave me in english were second rate modern authors, who I’m not going to name. I’m also not going to name my school, or anything else that might lead you in that direction…

Recently, however, the shortcomings of my education have been highlighted by certain (more female) friends of mine, who have lead me to read some more classic authors.

If these texts had been available in my more formative years, I suspect that I may have enjoyed english, as a subject much, much more. It also may have given positive adjustments to many of my language skills.

Who’s to say what could have been? I could be writing second rate trashy modern navels of my own!

You know what! I think I’ll go do just that! Crappy language skills and all!

In fact, I’ll base it on my own journal!

It’ll be the ULTIMATE ACT OF MASTURBATION!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll let you all know what its called if it gets published 😉