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Gator DVR Car Recorder Camera DVR308

Here is a warning about the Gator DVR Car Recorder Camera DVR308 that Supercheap Auto as selling in Australia.

  • The picture quality of the video is grainy, this is not a serious problem as it’s good enough to see what is happening in the picture.Screen Grab from Video
  • Video files are broken into 15min files, a program like VirtualDub can join these files with little problem. (Join AVI files with VirtualDub)
  • The big problem is the quality of the suction cup and it’s mechanism, the plastic is heat sensitive and will deform if left in your car. The spring is strong enough for the suction cup to cause it to deform the plastic while installed in a hot car. In Australia cars get hot inside the mount just doesn’t cope.
    Heat Dent

    Dent from spring pressure and Heat

    Gator Platic Melt

    Plastic has melted around base

  • The spring loaded clip has a seam in the plastic at the hinge this breaks if you keep removing it from a surface. (Design flaw)seam

I would advise people to get something better than this camera.