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Fuji Xerox DocuCentre-II 4000 Default Password

The default username and password for the Fuji Xerox DocuCentre-II 4000 is as follows:

Username: 11111
Password: x-admin

When accessing the web interface of the Fuji Xerox DocuCentre-II 4000 if you attempt to change any settings you will be prompted for this username and password. The default that the copier is set to is in my experience not clearly identified in the manual.

When accessing the administrator menus on the copier the code 11111 is used.

How to Reinitialize Windows Offline Files Cache

Ever had problems with Windows Offline files, e.g. you had some offline files pointing to a server that no longer exists, or it’s just being difficult. The best thing you can do is reset and clear it’s settings.

  1. To do this disable Offline Files in Windows File Explorer
  2. The open regedit
  3. Go tot he Key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\NetCache
  4. Create a DWORD called FormatDatabase
  5. Set it’s value to 1

How to re-initialize the offline files cache and database

Real Alternative 2.0.2 MSI Installer

A new version of Real Alternative is available, version 2.0.2. Here is the new MSI file for deployment. If you want the normal Real Alternative package it can be found at Codec Guide. The previous version was 2.0.1.

MSI Installer Downloads:

Details on the build process can be found here at my first MSI installer for Real Alternative 1.75. As always you should actively virus scan these files if you don’t trust them. If you have any issues please post them in the comments with the appropriate version.

nVidia 196.75 Drivers Cause Overheating

Looks like nVidia 196.75 drivers have faulty fan control software, this causes frame rates to drop while you are playing games or performing any other GPU intensive tasks, this is a result of overheating. It is recommended that if your using this version of the drivers that you revert to the previous version.

There have also been cases of video cards failing due to the overheating, god help anyone running Folding@Home.

nVidia Forum: