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Internode Leads Charge For Wholesale ADSL2+ From Telstra

South Australian based ISP Internode has announced that itself & a group of 9 other ISP’s are partitioning the ACCC to compel Telstra to provide wholesale ADSL2+ access.

The main points of argument are as follows:

  • That Telstra provides untenably high wholesale transmission pricing
  • Telstra also claims exchanges are full and there is no spare space in cases were this is not true
  • Telstra delays approval to access exchanges to install DSLAMs

Internode leads ISP bid for access to Telstra ADSL2+
The Letter to The ACCC

The Stig – Almost Revealed

The Stig has almost been revealed in a flash photo graph, the photo taken shows The Stig‘s steely eyes behind his visor. Their is much speculation as to who The Stig really is. The cast and crew of Top Gear have been keeping this a secret for some time and theres lots of people out their who want to know. Personally with that red eye I think Terminator, sent back in time to get unbeatable lap times so that John Connor can not save… ok that makes no sense to me either.

Auto Trader UK – Top Gear’s The Stig Unmasked at Last?