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Fibre vs. Wireless Performance & The NBN

I’m sick & tired of people saying wireless is a better alternative to Fibre in regard to the NBN debate in Australia. I have thralled the net looking for some really world results & finally am satisfied with what I have found I’m not after marketing claims or anything like that, I’m not quoting some peace of policy, these are results recorded through the one and the same site, speedtest.net.

Below is a video recorded in the US, it compares Verison LTE vs. Sprint 4G. The results are less than impressive, Verizon LTE modem clocked in speeds of 7.40 Mbps down & 1.40 Mbps up while the Sprint 4G 1.76 Mbps down and 0.40 Mbps up.
Sprint 4G vs. Verizon LTE Speedtest in San Francisco

This next peace is the results from my own Internode ADSL2+ connection from October last year, I’m not going to retest because it’s much the same now:

Speedtest.net Result 7th October 2010
Web White Noise – Speedtest Time

Finally a speed test from a customer with iiNet connected to the NBN:

iiNet NBN Speedtest.net Results
Whirlpool – I’m on the NBN! Forum Thread

The numbers based on performance speak for themselves.

Update 19/05/2011 – New Phone

I’ve got myself a new phone & have now done a speedtest on the Telstra NextG / UMTS 850 / US3G network (what ever standard they want to call it), using the USB tethering capability. The results are unsurprising for wireless.

Update 20/01/2013 – Telstra LTE 4G (1800Mhz) in Southport

For those who keep wanting to say that 4G is better then Fibre to the Home (FTTH), I think not.

2013-01-18 14.11.37

Internode Leads Charge For Wholesale ADSL2+ From Telstra

South Australian based ISP Internode has announced that itself & a group of 9 other ISP’s are partitioning the ACCC to compel Telstra to provide wholesale ADSL2+ access.

The main points of argument are as follows:

  • That Telstra provides untenably high wholesale transmission pricing
  • Telstra also claims exchanges are full and there is no spare space in cases were this is not true
  • Telstra delays approval to access exchanges to install DSLAMs

Internode leads ISP bid for access to Telstra ADSL2+
The Letter to The ACCC

Telstra Activates ADSL2+

After years of being a stubon little sook, Telstra has finally begun the process of enabling the ADSL2+ capabilities of it’s DSLAMs. In a move that is sure to raise the eye brow of it’s competitors Telstra has begun to offer it’s retail customers ADSL2+. My personal opinion is that anyway silly enough and disparate enough for an ADSL2+ service that is restricted to 20MBits/512Kbits is pretty in for a rude shock when they get there bill.

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Telstra has Sook over own Poll Results

It appears as though after Telstra placed a poll on its site (nowwearetalking.com.au) that the truth has now been shoved down their throats. The poll asked openly and plainly “Who do you think is blocking high-speed broadband for Australia?” after results clearly were pushed to 97.1% saying that it was Telstra’s fault that they pulled the poll. While at the time of writing this the poll is sitting in the poll archive I suspect that it will soon disappear from the site. Interestingly enough it was replaced with a poll asking “Have you ever tried to rig an online poll?”