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Government porn filter to slow down the internet

Australia is to join the oppressive likes of China, Burma (Myanmar) and Saudi Arabia, when the new Labour Government introduces a national porn filter scheme that will slow down Australia’s already appallingly slow internet access speeds. Under the plan, all internet service providers will be required to provide a “clean” feed to households and schools, free of pornography and other inappropriate material. Any internet users who want to “opt out” of the clean feed will have to contact their ISP. In Australia, which is supposedly a Liberal democracy, Communications Minister Stephen Conroy said everything possible had to be done to shield children from violent and pornographic online material.

EFA – Electronic Frontiers Australia

I’m wondering how long before they force it on everyone and what will be the criteria exactly for a block. How long before its used as a tool to block freedom of speech. This makes me think of this little Poem.

In Germany, they came first for the Communists,
And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist
And then they came for the trade unionists,
And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist
And then they came for the Jews,
And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew
And then . . . they came for me . . .
And by that time there was no one left to speak up.

By Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984)

VIC Government Website Hacked by Porn Site

Was searching around for some information and I found something interesting, now obviously the North East Catchment Management Authority, which is a Victorian Government website, was not what I was looking for. But, low and behold something caught my eye, being male and all, for some reason the words milf and porn stood out to me.

So what exactly I have found here is a webpage ( that has been injected into the North East Catchment Management Authority‘s website that redirects to a porn site.

Looking deeper into this the entire folder is full of redirects.

I wonder if they know yet. I’ve sent an email to them.

More I'm Feeling Lucky Junk

They just don’t give up. Another day latter and boom more junk using “I’m Feeling Lucky” to redirect the unsuspecting sucker. Who is stupid enough to fall for this crap, well lots of people for starters. You would have to be some kind of moron to think that you can order drugs from a site without prescription when normally those drugs require a prescription. Seriously they are scamming you.

We can see in this URL,

in the email, the search domain2find tabs unbelievable is used to load the spammers site via “I’m Feeling Lucky”.

Now if we look at the site, which is were they are trying to take you, we find that it points to IP address

A WHOIS conducted on this address reveals the following:
% [ node-2]
% Whois data copyright terms

inetnum: -
descr: Beijing Guanghuan Xinwang
descr: Digital Technology Co.Ltd
country: CN
admin-c: CH455-AP
tech-c: SY21-AP
changed: 20061010
source: APNIC

role: CNCGroup Hostmaster
address: No.156,Fu-Xing-Men-Nei Street,
address: Beijing,100031,P.R.China
nic-hdl: CH455-AP
phone: +86-10-82993155
fax-no: +86-10-82993102
country: CN
admin-c: CH444-AP
tech-c: CH444-AP
changed: 20041119
source: APNIC

person: sun ying
address: fu xing men nei da jie 97, Xicheng District
address: Beijing 100800
country: CN
phone: +86-10-66030657
fax-no: +86-10-66078815
nic-hdl: SY21-AP
changed: 19980824
changed: 20060717
source: APNIC

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Spammers Abusing Google’s “Im Feeling Lucky”

More Pills and Google

They have struck again, more “I’m Feeling Lucky” spam for everyone. It’s more of the same old, a search phrase (yerbadietpills), and abusing Google as a redirect.

Heres the URL from the email:

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Spammers Abusing Google’s “Im Feeling Lucky”

Unwanted Search Traffic

Love this article, it’s was on Digg. It prompted me to have a look at my own search data on my site, interestingly it appears as though someone was looking using the key phrase torpark child pornography and it produced a hit on my site. I think this was because of an old article on my site about Torpark and a raid that German police conducted in relation to child porn. A funny phrase that you can see in the original article was dog tacos, obviously some animal sex fiend wants to look at female dog vagina (aka taco), classic.

Not the best topic around Christmas i know, but I don’t like hiding the truth from the world.

RAM Types

Comes in both 30 pin and 72 pin sizes.
Fast Page Mode DRAM
Fast Page Mode DRAM is plain old DRAM as we once knew it. The problem with standard DRAM was that it maxes out at about 50 MHz.

EDO DRAM gave people up to 5% system performance increase over DRAM. EDO DRAM is like FPM DRAM with some cache built into the chip. Like FPM DRAM, EDO DRAM maxes out at about 50 MHz.

SDRAM (Synchronous DRAM)
Almost all systems used to ship with 3.3 volt, 168-pin SDRAM DIMMs. SDRAM is not an extension of older EDO DRAM but a new type of DRAM altogether. SDRAM started out running at 66 MHz, while older fast page mode DRAM and EDO max out at 50 MHz. SDRAM is able to scale to 133 MHz (PC133) officially, and unofficially up to 180MHz or higher.

DDR (Double Data Rate SDRAM)
DDR basically doubles the rate of data transfer of standard SDRAM by transferring data on the up and down tick of a clock cycle. DDR memory operating at 333MHz actually operates at 166MHz * 2 (aka PC333 / PC2700) or 133MHz*2 (PC266 / PC2100). DDR is a 2.5 volt technology that uses 184 pins in its DIMMs. It is incompatible with SDRAM physically, but uses a similar parallel bus, making it easier to implement than RDRAM, which is a different technology.

DDR2 SDRAM or double-data-rate two synchronous dynamic random access memory, is a part of the SDRAM (synchronous dynamic random access memory) family of technologies. It is an evolutionary improvement over its predecessor, DDR SDRAM. It comes in varients of DDR2-400, DDR2-533, DDR2-667, DDR2-800, and DDR2-1066. It uses 240-pins.

DDR3 SDRAM or double-data-rate three synchronous dynamic random access memory, it is an evolutionary improvement over its predecessor, DDR2 SDRAM. It comes as DDR3-800, DDR3-1066, DDR3-1333 and DDR3-1600 speeds and also uses a 240pin socket. However it’s notch location is different to that of DDR2.

RDRAM is a serial memory technology that arrived in three flavors, PC600, PC700, and PC800. PC800 RDRAM has double the maximum throughput of old PC100 SDRAM, but a higher latency. RDRAM designs with multiple channels, such as those in Pentium 4 motherboard.

SODIMM’s are generally used in notebooks, they come in the many variants listed above. Note that the notch on the memory tends to be in a different spot based on the different types.