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Unfortunately Bluetack.co.uk is down and is unlikely to come back. I will share here the last 3 posts made to the blog on their site before it’s demise. I have put this here so that people know what has happened and what they need to do to clear up some lose ends.

The post are as follows, two of made by Moore and another by The Netweasel, unfortunately the site suffered two major blows that have put it out of business:

Posted By:  The Netweasel @ Aug 11 2015, 08:26 PM
My dear friends,

I am so sorry to have to write this at this terrible time, but events conspire to rob me of whatever time there might have been. The website may run out of operating funds any day now, and I am also set to expire soon. I had hoped to wait a little longer before making this announcement, but I can’t afford to.

Just as we were learning as a group that our cherished Tozzano is gone from us, I was learning personally that I have terminal, stage-four lung cancer. The progression of the disease is such that I think I am probably down to days, but it’s impossible to say. Nonessential organs are shutting down, and my ability to think is diminished and intermittent.

Thanks for the leadership and kindness everyone has shown me here. I love you all and wish you the best!

Richard Reed
a.k.a. The Netweasel


Posted By:  Moore @ Jul 27 2015, 06:55 PM
Dear all,

With the death of Tozzano, our premium subscription system is finished. Tozz is the PayPal account holder and I do not have access.

For all Premium subscribers who have an recurring subscription, please accept my sincere apologies.

Recurring subscriptions will continue to be charged indefinitely. You will need to cancel your BISS Premium subscription from your PayPal account

I’m sorry, but PayPal will not give anyone else access to the account, and they won’t close it either without a whole lot of information I will never be able to get.

Without access to the PayPal funds, I will not be able to maintain the payments for the server, nor will I be able to keep the site running on my own without Tozz.

I don’t have the resources to fight a legal battle with PayPal to prove that Tozz has died, so I can’t close the account either. I can’t find anyone from Tozz’s family to help.

The PayPal requirements for closing an account are difficult if you aren’t a direct relative :

We tried to get a death certificate online and got scammed $25 instead. It’s very difficult when you live in another country to cope with a situation like this.

Tozz has been our heart, soul and backbone for many years. He was the one who kept us going all these years when no one else could. I always looked to him for help and advice and he never once let me down.

Tozz was our senior systems administrator, SQL DB admin, PHP programmer, Blocklist Manager developer and my closest friend. It’s hard for me to find a file on the server that doesn’t have a helpful or funny comment somewhere from Tozz in it. I miss him.

We were working towards setting up an LLC for BlockList Pro, launching a new site and new projects to replace our old stuff.

I’m sorry for the situation that we are now in, I wasn’t prepared for something like this to happen.
I’ll do my best to keep the site running as long as possible for all current subscribers, but at some point soon the site / server will be closed down.

I would like to thank everyone for your support, we couldn’t have done all this without you.


Posted By:  Moore @ Jul 7 2015, 07:55 PM
Dear friends,

It breaks my heart to bring you news about the passing of our much loved administrator Mike Tozzano.

For over 10 years Tozzano has been my best friend, and part of our family. He is the most caring and dedicated person I’ve ever known.

Everything we’ve accomplished would not have been possible without Tozz, and I don’t know how we will survive without him.

What I do know is that Tozz will always be with us in our hearts and it will be impossible to ever forget him.

Nothing is easy and goodbye is always hard

In peace may he rest

Windows 10 Update P2P Distribution

In Windows 10 there is a new feature added to Windows update, the P2P distribution of Windows updates. This is done to to reduce the load on Microsoft’s servers and that’s probably pretty heft given how many Windows computers are actually in the world, but maybe not so good for people with data caps or excess changes on there data usage.

Lots of people have panicked about this with some major sites saying you should turn this feature off completely, which is a stupid move on their part. This feature can be leveraged in your favour to save you some metered data.

My advice is to set this feature to On and set it to only use PCs on my Local Network.

Follow these steps:

  1. Search for “Check for updates” in the Start menu.
  2. Under “Windows Update” choose “Advanced options.”
  3. Under “Choose how updates are installed” click “Choose how updates are delivered.”
  4. Click on the option “PCs on my Local Network.”

Windows 10 Updates Advanced Settings

This will restrict the sharing of updates files to your local network meaning other Windows 10 computers in your network will be able to leverage updates that they all have saving you data by only needing to download the update files once.

MetaMachine Closes It's Doors

MetaMachine, the company behind the popular file sharing software eDonkey 2000, has agreed to pay the Recording Industry Association of America $30 million to settle claims it facilitated mass copyright infringement. To bad the open source eMule is the most dominant client in the network and appears to be totally unaffected at this point.

Sharereactor Site Back Online

ShareReactor was once the unchallenged king of ED2K link sites but in 2002 the website was shutdown by Swiss authorities in an attempt to purge the pirate site. It appears now that their website is back up and running after 4 years with all its ED2K link content now hosted in the Netherlands.

This asks the question of how long it will last before authorities try to shut it down again. I am sure that many a music, movie, and software producer will not be happy with this.

You can get a copy of the old ShareReactor Database using this ED2K Link.

The Fight Against BitTorrent

The advent of BitTorrent was a cause for celebration for people who wished to share large files very quickly, but Internet Service Providers did not see the technology in quite the same positive light. ISPs soon found that the majority of their bandwidth was taken up with BitTorrent traffic, and some, like Canadian provider Shaw, started throttling the service in response. BitTorrent clients such as Azureus added a feature that encrypted torrent traffic to try and get around these ISP roadblocks.

Now, a company called Allot Communications is claiming that their new hardware product, the NetEnforcer, is the first device that will seek out and throttle encrypted BitTorrent traffic. According to a spokesperson for the company, the NetEnforcer utilizes deep packet inspection technology “to identify and analyze hundreds of applications and protocols, track subscriber behavior, prioritize traffic and shape traffic flows.”

Read full artical at Ars Technica – (Accessed 04-09-2006)

The Pirate Bay

Over the weekend The Pirate Bay, a Swedish-based BitTorent site, went offline. Just three days after a police raid shut down the site, and sparked street protests in Sweden and intense international interest, the site has returned.

Relocated to servers in the Netherlands — appeared much as it was before the police action, but included a mocking message for the authorities, and a revamped logo that shows the site’s trademark pirate ship hurling a cannon ball at the Hollywood sign.

The Pirate Bay has a longstanding history of defiance to international copyright enforcers, most clearly exemplified by its habit of posting and publicly mocking take-down notices received from content owners. The defiance follows the politics of the Swedish anti-copyright organization Piratbyran, which founded The Pirate Bay in 2004, but has since gone it own way. Copyright minimalists, Piratbyran and The Pirate Bay seek abolition of most intellectual property law.

A video of the raid can be downloaded with the following hash link – Pirate Bay Raid