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FrontMotion Firefox 3 Community Edition

If you like me do MSI deployments of applications across computer networks then you should be aware of FrontMotion Firefox Community Edition.

FrontMotion Firefox Community Edition is a customized version of Firefox with the ability to lockdown settings through Active Directory using Administrative Templates.

The best part is that a version 3 base of Firefox is now available.

Download FrontMotion Firefox 3 Community Edition

Microsoft Bakes a Cake for Mozilla

Looks like Microsoft does have a sense of humour after all or at least a sense of community. The Internet Explorer Development Team at Microsoft has sent Mozilla a cake to mark the release of Mozilla Firefox 3. Al Billings, who was at one part a member of the Internet Explorer Development Team, is pictured on his blog holding the cake. Microsoft did this previously when Mozilla released Firefox 2.

Funniest part about this is Al posted a comment latter, see image below, saying β€œYes, the Cake is a Lie.” and including a screen shot of writing on the wall from Portal.

Watch out the for the Weighted Companion Cube, it may be plotting to stab you.

IE Sends Mozilla a New Cake for Firefox 3
Microsoft Internet Explorer Team Sends New Cake for Mozilla Firefox 3 Launch

Google ISP Throttling Detector

Google has been continually trying to rattle the internet service provision industry over net neutrality. Their next step in a fight that they are more than equipped to handle is to develop a tool that detects if your ISP is interfering with your data flow.

Here is a question for you all, what will these ISP’s do if Google starts killing the ranks of websites hosted on their networks and the customers want to know what going on with their page rank. Could Googles detection system be added to Google Bot and be counted as part of your page rank?

Would suck to be you if your host of choice is an ISP that isn’t net neutral in Google’s eyes, then again that wouldn’t be very neutral would it.

Google To Develop ISP Throttling Detector

Broadband Users, Prepare for Wallet Rape

Simon Hackett, Managing Director of Internode describes, in the most accurate way I’ve seen, how we the internet user are about to have our wallets raped horribly. (Business, Private users, it applies to us all)

While the title of my post is harsh, the sentiment is about right. The issue in Australia is price for service, it’s simple, yet stupid politicians from both parties are to blind to see the forest for the Telstra monopoly idea (FTTN – Fibre to the Node). Reality is it’s to expensive now, anything done needs to drive the Price For Speed (PFS) rate down.