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Twitter Posts for week ending 2010-05-28

Fedora 13 Released

Fedora 13 has been released, replacing Fedora 12. Fedora 13 includes the following enhancements:

  • Streamlined Installer
  • Automatic print driver installation
  • New desktop applications and enhancements
  • NetworkManager improvements include better Mobile Broadband Support
  • Color management
  • Enhanced iPod functionality
  • Enhanced streaming and buffering support in Totem
  • 3D support for ATI cards (R600 and R700) via Radeon driver
  • Experimental 3D graphics support extended to free Nouveau driver for NVidia cards
  • KDE improvements
  • DisplayPort support improvements
  • Experimental user management interface


Fedora 13 Release Announcement

Twitter Posts for 2010-05-18

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