Spammers Abusing Google’s "Im Feeling Lucky"

Spammers of late have been attempting to hide their sites behind other innocent sites. The best little trick they have come up with of late is to use the Google feature “I’m Feeling Lucky”. This feature essentially takes you strait to the top site in your Google search request. The aim of this is to get around Spam blacklists and filters. Unfortunately this method relies on their page being the top result.

Example of spam:

Order All of your favorite RxMeDs Online!
With fast discreet trackable USPS shipping!
No Prescription Needed!
Order__NoW ~ Click__Here

Essentially what this does is an “I’m Feeling Lucky” search in Google for myvisameds global cart when the sucker (user) clicks on the Click Here they are ment to be taken to the site The site is supposedly trying to sell drugs like Viagra, Vicodin, Cialis, Valium, Soma, Xanax, Ultram, Ambien, Prozac, Meridia, Levitra, Zoloft, Nexium, and Propecia. The usual stuff you should have a prescription for and should go to your local chemist to buy. Not thats theres anything wrong with shopping online but seriously do you really know what your getting online.

This is very easy to change for the rest of use with legitimate pages as essentially all we need to is include their search phrase on our own page and boom if Google rates our site higher the spammers site, then the spam links go to our page instead.

Since adding this article check out how many stupid people have been trapped by this spam because I’ve included the search phrase on my site. This gives you some idea of how thick people can be.

Update 2
ResearchBuzz post back on 21st January 2004 on how to hack a Google “I’m feeling Lucky” link.

Update 3 – Other Blogs Talking About This
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Phrases I’ve seen so fare:

myvisameds global cart

ze2u welcome meanwhile


“million megabet from casino online” Magic Jackpot!

storepeest tabs unbelievable

globalnetrx global strives

globalnetred global strives

storepeest meanwhile I

name2search meanwhile I

blarack tabs unbelievable

won1 million megabet from casino online


thelowratemortage Sale By Owner Employment Opportunities resourceful

earthmortgage123 As direct lender Earth Mortgage eliminated high-commissioned Employment Opportunities

domain2find tabs unbelievable

medsjuly global

economic-quality welcome to us

domain2find first time


economic-quality welcome to us ultram VDNS6????

domain2find welcome to us



discount office furniture site: V6J 5C6 canadian V6J 5C6 Canadian

fine italian food

thereseason Vancouver BC V6J 5C6

thereseason Canada V6J 5C6

economic-quality welcome to us rights

greatcanadianpharm item

inurl:greatcanadianpharm ??

Welcome To US Pharmacy economic tabs

ann elisabeth


yerbadietpills order system

Hutchison Whampoa Limited canadian V6J 5C6 canadian V6J 5C6 (210)787

ulster northampton cottonmouth thrum

gill huddle




maxine crystal mathewson module V6J 5C6 (210) 787-1711 Vancouver

plutarch mukden hallmark

greenbelt pow airmass brainy V6J 5C6 1 (210) 787-1711 Vancouver V6J 5C6 888-9089 canadian V6J 5C6 (210) 787 V6J 5C6 888-9089 Vancouver V6J 5C6 787-1711 Vancouver V6J 5C6 888-9089


domain2find the next portion

official lawyer we need a warning .cz


inurl:bluepageblog V6J 5C6 888-9089 V6J 5C6 200-1765 West 8th Ave 200-1765 West 8th Ave

economic-quality Welcome To US very impressive index.php

inurl:economic-quality meanwhile


inurl:EconoMiC-QuaLity Unbelievable

inurl:Economic-QuaLity Tabs

inurl:Economic-QuaLity impressive they help



dreamsizeslarge satisfied

inurl:dreamsizeslarge full

inurl:toolargebutrue satisfied

inurl:campotie permanent





sinksmidnun sports rolex

casa, piscina e jardim

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