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Support for Windows 2000 Ends

Today is the day that support for Windows 2000 ends, this means that basically no more patches if your still using it, also Microsoft probably don’t give a hoot about you as you haven’t bothered to replace your OS in 10 year. Of course there aren’t many people still using Windows 2000 so this probably wont mean much at all.

If you want to know more see the Microsoft Support Life-cycle Policy FAQ.

How to Block Wallpaper Changing via Group Policy

So one of the things that pisses you off if your an admin is people changing the desktop image on computers even though you have set all the options to stop it. Well it turns out that even if you disable access to the settings you can still use a browser to change the image.

The best solution for this is to go into a group policy “User Config\Administrative Templates\Desktop\Active Desktop\Active Desktop Wallpaper” and set it to a non-valid image file. (Something none existent another words)

This should be all that needs to be done, even if the user changes the image next time they logon it’s goon again.

Removing Windows Wallpaper on 2000 and XP machines?