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Internode Leads Charge For Wholesale ADSL2+ From Telstra

South Australian based ISP Internode has announced that itself & a group of 9 other ISP’s are partitioning the ACCC to compel Telstra to provide wholesale ADSL2+ access.

The main points of argument are as follows:

  • That Telstra provides untenably high wholesale transmission pricing
  • Telstra also claims exchanges are full and there is no spare space in cases were this is not true
  • Telstra delays approval to access exchanges to install DSLAMs

Internode leads ISP bid for access to Telstra ADSL2+
The Letter to The ACCC

Telstra Activates ADSL2+

After years of being a stubon little sook, Telstra has finally begun the process of enabling the ADSL2+ capabilities of it’s DSLAMs. In a move that is sure to raise the eye brow of it’s competitors Telstra has begun to offer it’s retail customers ADSL2+. My personal opinion is that anyway silly enough and disparate enough for an ADSL2+ service that is restricted to 20MBits/512Kbits is pretty in for a rude shock when they get there bill.

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