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Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3

So I’ve now got my hands on Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3), which was released on April 21st 2008. April 21st 2008 was the Release To Manufacturers (RTM) by Microsoft, SP3 will be released to everyone else on the 29th April 2008.

Here is the file information for the RTM version:

Size :
331805736 Bytes
File Name : WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ENU.exe
MD5 : BB25707C 919DD835 A9D9706B 5725AF58
SHA-1 : C81472F7 EEEA2ECA 421E116C D4C03E23 00EBFDE4
SHA-256 : 62E524A5 52DB9F6F D22D4690 10EA4D7E 28EE06FA 615A1C34 362129F8 08916654
SHA-512 : 976C8959 44CD23EB 9D4FB021 D17B531E 938845D2 251508AF BBDF3216 9CEC39E5 DC38517E AFC57FFA 7918A518 FF480AFF 58071FD5 C955E1B6 9D5CA7BE C4F09D1E
Size-64 : 00000000 13C6F428
ED2k : 8943241A2282E06240165A68B7F39F69
Direct Download :

Update: 29th April 2008

Windows XP SP3 Public Release Delayed

Update 2: 29th April 2008

Even though the public release is delayed Microsoft has the download on their site. See above.

Update 3: 7th May 2008

Microsoft has now officially released Windows XP Service Pack 3, so we can probably assume that they have fixed the little bug they had.