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Test Phone Lines on NEC SV8100

How to test the individual phone lines on an NEC SV8100 phone system

  • Press the Speaker button
  • dial #0
  • dial 01, 01 corresponds to the first phone line on the system

Each following line is 02, 03, 04 etc. depending on how many lines attached to the system. I frequently feel phone system documentation is hard to find online especially things to do basic testing like this.

NEC Xen Topaz Time Change

I’m sick of looking this up so I think I’ll post it here so next time it’s easy to find. This is how you change the system time on an NEC Xen Topaz phone system (PABX).

Press SPK
Dial 828
Dial two digits for the hour
Dial two digits for the minutes (00-60) in 24 hour time
Press SPK to hang up