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MetaMachine Closes It's Doors

MetaMachine, the company behind the popular file sharing software eDonkey 2000, has agreed to pay the Recording Industry Association of America $30 million to settle claims it facilitated mass copyright infringement. To bad the open source eMule is the most dominant client in the network and appears to be totally unaffected at this point.

Sharereactor Site Back Online

ShareReactor was once the unchallenged king of ED2K link sites but in 2002 the website was shutdown by Swiss authorities in an attempt to purge the pirate site. It appears now that their website is back up and running after 4 years with all its ED2K link content now hosted in the Netherlands.

This asks the question of how long it will last before authorities try to shut it down again. I am sure that many a music, movie, and software producer will not be happy with this.

You can get a copy of the old ShareReactor Database using this ED2K Link.