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Doom 2 WAD Abomination – Arachno Doom

This unplayable abomination of a Doom mod / wad is impossible to win, you have to cheat to even play it.

The Story
You have been telaported from earth to another planet were you are to face the ARACHNO army. Fortuanatly you have been sent with some of your buddies but they have been catured and are in the mutation prosess. Through this mutation process your friends(no longer?)will change into creatures from hell! to reverse the process(even though the've probbly had their heads blown off) you must destroy the evil mega boss. =============================================================================
Name :Che' Harris
Comment :THelp me I'm Having a hart atack!
Name :Jason Beaumont
Comment :This game is an exelent one so play it till you die.
Name :Jonas Ogonowski
Comment :The adrenelen rush is much more intense than jumping out of an aeroplane without a parashoot.

Found in floppy achieve

Arachno Doom2 WAD Download