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Why GTA 4 Will Probably be Banned in Australia

This video kind of demonstrates my point as to why Grand Theft Auto 4 (GTA 4) will probably either be modified for release in Australia, or banned outright.

Before watching the video I thought it best to describe what you will see in the video.

Synopsis of Video

First of all you will see the character receiving a hand job from the ‘lady of the night’ he has previously picked up, the hand job costs him $20. After conducting her business transaction the girl then gets out of the car and the player proceeds on to his next sexual conquest.

Upon finding the next slut to play with, she gets in the car and you drive a more secluded area inside the game. Once you have a nice quiet spot you pay $50 and this time you receive a blow job. Once you reach your happy ending, the hooker gets out of the car and you drive off looking for your next score.

Once finding the next girl the player dives to another place that quiet. This time the fee in $70, but this time it’s plain and simple sex, , ok maybe not so simple as the position in the driver seat doesn’t look all that comfortable for either party. After finishing off the girl gets out of the car, but this time so does the player. As the girl is walking away the player pulls a gun she begins to run…. bang, 9mm round to the head, that’s one dead hooker. Oh one more thing don’t forget to pick up her cash that dropped off her when she got hit in the head, it’s amazing how people drop there money and you don’t’ have fish through their cloths when you shoot them in the head.

My Reaction

Having now seen the video the usual people are going to start to cry, that’s not suitable for kids why would they make a game like that. The point here is that GTA 4 isn’t designed for kids, if your a parent and you buy this for your kids your irresponsible and should know better.

GTA 4 is designed for older teenagers and adults, not to mention it’s meant to be a story about the life of an immigrant moving to Liberty City he’s kind of depressed and lonely being in a new place and country, so maybe he wants to have sex occasionally and is willing to pay for it. Reality is however as the player you don’t have to interact with the prostitutes it’s entirely optional. In fact I would be more concerned about the kid that comes up with the idea to kill the hooker after having sex with her, then any dangers the game may pose. Seriously if your kid was playing this and decided it was a good idea to kill the hooker after paying for sex, then your kid needs serious help now, as they are already one fucked up individual and they didn’t need this game to make them that way.