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Compressing Individual Files Into individual Archives Using 7-Zip Command Line

The following will allow you to compress all the individual files in a folder to each be inside their own archive / folder.

Prerequisites / Requirements

Install 7-Zip, available at http://www.7-zip.org/

Set the environment PATH variable to include the 7-Zip folder path where the application is installed. e.g. C:\Program Files\7-Zip

The Command

FOR %i IN (*.*) DO 7z.exe a "%~ni.7z" "%i"

Explanation of each variable:

  • %i is a variable that holds the file name for each step in the loop
  • (*.*) is the selection criteria, it could easily be *.exe or similar
  • 7z.exe is the command line version of 7-Zip
  • %~ni – this expands the %i variable to just the file name – no extension

By default 7z will use it’s own file format, you can modify the command as follows to create zip (WinZIP / WIndows Compressed Folders) compatible files.

FOR %i IN (*.*) DO 7z.exe a -tzip "%~ni.zip" "%i"