Left 4 Dead 2 – Censored Vs Uncensored Video

The video above is a demonstration of the differences between the Uncut version of Left 4 Dead 2 and the Australian Censored version.

The details below are copied from the Youtube video description, lots of good details in this:

Video Comparison Between The Uncut version of Left4Dead2 and the Australian “Low Violence” version.

According to the classification board report, the modified version removes considerable amounts of gore from gameplay.
The board notes that the game no longer contains depictions of decapitation, dismemberment, wound detail or piles of dead bodies lying about the environment, the report said.

No wound detail is shown and the implicitly dead bodies and blood splatter disappear as they touch the ground.

But was unable to get footage of at time of making

Infected don’t actually Catch Fire in cut version (Except the Tank) however they still die in the flames.
NO Blood splatters on the screen
NO RIOT COP uncommon common in AUS release (violence against authority figures)
(and if you play with a person who has the cut version even if you dont, the riot cop will not spawn)
Pipebomb Explosion is Similar however the bodies ragdoll off and vanish in midair with out gibbing almost instantly

For those not in the know, the reason this game had 2 be modified to be released in Australia is because we don’t have a R18+ rating for games here in Australia. To have one introduced, all the states have to agree that they want one, all states have said yes to this, except SA (Michael Atkinson). So it is one man stopping the rest of us getting? an R18+ rating, So seeing as MA15+ is the highest we have got, the OFLC have no choice and the game must be modified to fit into that category if it is to be released here, otherwise its the ban hammer and the game gets Refused Classification(RC). So its not Valves Fault, Its not the OFLC’s fault its not the governments fault… its Michael Atkinson‘s Fault.

His Excuse is that he doesn’t think we need one and that if we don’t have one the? children wont get introduced into Violent Video Game, He thinks he is protecting the children, however when you think about it he is doing the opposite, by refusing to have a R18+ rating he is making it so that games that would have otherwise been rated as R18+ are being modified to? fit into the MA15+ rating therefore introducing those games to an even younger generation than would have been whilst at the same time punishing the rest of us by censoring the game and making a choice that should be ours for us.
We Should be allowed to play this as we want, in the uncensored version you have the option to disable gore if wanted.

EDIT: FIX (31.10.09)

There is a small fix for those that are fed this censored garbage, those that want to give it a try details are in the link below, HOWEVER take note of the following before you do so.

NOTE: You can only play with other people using the same ID (510). (you can only play with others who have done this fix also, limiting your possible teammates)
NOTE: this fix may not be permanent. This seems like it’ll only be temporary.
NOTE: May have an affect on your Gameplay Statistics and Achievements as this makes steam think you are playing a different game. (May Not save them)
NOTE: You’ll have to launch the game through the left4dead2.exe instead of through Steam. Steam will disconnect you immediately


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