Meaning of a Name (Gustav)

Most people would be aware that a Hurricane that has been named Gustav is currently moving into the Gulf of Mexico and there is currently lots of media attention on New Orleans. Most of the news is about evacuations and stuff like that given that the City is built foolishly close to sea level, in lots of cases below sea level. (New Orleans Elevation Map).

Now here is the fun part I did a little search for ‘Gustav’, and Wikipedia came up with a wonderful result:
Gustav, Gustaf or Gustave (meaning “staff of the gods”)

The name is an old Swedish name, and their have been at least six Swedish kings with the name.

So all I can say now is, for the love of god get out now will you still can because the” Staff of the gods” is coming.

For more information on the name Gustav you can read the article Gustav (name) on Wikipedia

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