Wireless Auditing Live-CD

This is a Live CD for Wireless Auditing, it is apparently one that the FBI uses for various purposes. It doesn’t work with Intel B/G wireless cards (IPW2200). Basically all you need do is burn this to a CD and boot your system with wireless card using this CD. Then follow the software to get a WEP key from a network using WEP.

Now most sites would provide you with a link to downloads from rapid share, however I’m not for one reason, this was a pain in the ass to download off rapid share. So instead here is a ED2k link for eMule.

ED2K Wireless Auditing Live-CD (Supposide FBI Edition)

I got this from a link on RapidFind, the RapidShare links can be found there if you want those. If you do download it from RapidShare you won’t be able to extract it with a RAR utility until you rejoin the files together using hjsplit. I don’t know who the tool was that made the RAR archive but if he was going to upload it to RapidShare he should have just used a RAR program to split the file it would have been easier. Oh yes the ED2K Link above is actually the joined version so you can just extract that.

RAR Utilities at RARLabs

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