Outage Collection

During my sites outage cased by the aforementioned lossers, I continued to collect “I’m Feeling Lucky” phrases, I also discovered a nice way to steal the inurl: ones.

Here is the list of new phrases:

inurl:decimalrain.com V6J 5C6 888-9089
inurl:thereseason.com canadian V6J 5C6 (210) 787
inurl:decimalrain.com V6J 5C6 888-9089 Vancouver
inurl:thereseason.com V6J 5C6 787-1711 Vancouver
inurl:pickson.com V6J 5C6 888-9089
domain2find the next portion
inurl:expectsharp.com V6J 5C6 888-9089
inurl:enoughcorn.com V6J 5C6
inurl:decimalrain.com 200-1765 West 8th Ave
inurl:morningcan.com 200-1765 West 8th Ave

Please see original article for details regarding this and why you have received an email that has brought you to this site.

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