Storepeest, a Littile Note

Hello Idiots! Ok, maybe you just came here because your cleaver and understand why you have ended up on this page when going to a spam link, or maybe your actually a proper visitor to my site, in that case I don’t think your an idiot.

If you have visited this site because you received an email trying to sell you drugs of some kind, it is not this site sending them. I have nothing to do with it. Simply because my site is ranked higher than these spamming bastards, if I include their words on my site I steal their exploit link away from them. (Thus exploiting the spammers) If you bother to read the previous posts about this below you would learn how this is done, and how easy it is for me to kill their spam message value. Please do not make comments on my site unless they are constructive and relevant to the blog post.

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Spammers Abusing Google’s “Im Feeling Lucky”

So that I don’t have to make another post about this so quickly, I would just like to let you all know that the “I’m Feeling Lucky” spammers have now moved to a new domain ( and are trying again.

There message is as follows:

Order VicodinES, Phentrmine, & All your Favorite Rx-Medz Online Today!
With Fast Discreet Reliable USPS Shipping!
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The click here has a URL under it exploiting Google’s “Im Feeling Lucky, this URL looks like this:

The part of this URL that give it it’s punch is the &btnI on the end. If this wasn’t included it would simply be a search, but by adding this it makes Google think that you have performed an “I’m Feeling Lucky” search. For those of you that are postmasters of a mail server maybe you want to filter for &btnI=ec in your email bodies, this would take care of you ever receiving one of these again.

In this case the phrase used is:

name2search meanwhile I

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