College Sued Over "Drunken Pirate" Sanctions

Welcome to asshole college, we deny our students their rightful accreditations once they have finished their study, and passed all necessary assessments. Little do we tell them that part of your assessment will be that we look up your MySpace, and or other social networking site, profile and if we find any incriminating photos we will deny you your rightful accreditations based on no evidence other than a photo of you drinking a fluid from a cup. We do not care about the contents of the cup only that it may or may not appear to contain alcohol, we don’t care that we have no evidence in regards to the contents of the cup. We will then accuse (Slander?) you by saying that you are promoting underage drinking.

This is my response to this nasty little university (Millersville University, Pennsylvania), and their misguided actions that have led to student, Stacy Snyder, taking them to court. Over an incident regarding on MySpace.

Source – The Smoking Gun

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