Battlefield 2 Stats Outage Compensation

Following the June outage of Battlefield 2 stats, DICE and EA have been working to compensate all players who were active during that time for the inconvenience that we realize this issue represented. After examining all the options, it has been decided that players who were active during the stats outage will be granted 2000 points as well as a gold star. This will be awarded to over 150,000 affected players starting at 12:00AM PST August 8, 2007.

Additionally, it was recently discovered that stats from some 64 player servers during the outage period could not be recovered as we had previously believed and sincerely hoped. Stats from smaller servers were unaffected. However, we realize and recognize this still represents a disappointing loss of both time and points to a great deal of players. We want to apologize for that unanticipated outcome, and wish we could provide additional compensation.

We hope that this compensation goes some way towards easing the loss, and wish to again apologize for the frustration this stats issue represented for many of you.

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