You don't really need to have *any* antivirus software or firewall

Id just like to point all to this post that was on Whirlpool

1. The Internet is totally 100% safe, everyone is nice, there’s no such thing as identity fraud or hacking, that’s just Hollywood nonsense. Anyway your ISP is protecting your system because they have regulated firewalls and antivirus behind the scenes. Why would your ISP leave you totally exposed to the Internet anyway?

2. Viruses only come in the form of EXE files. You never get viruses from Word, Excel or Powerpoint files. So all those documents you receive from friends and workmates are TOTALLY safe because they didn’t report any problems – so why should there be viruses?

3. Virus and trojan writers are really stupid. All viruses and trojans have really obvious names like SPYIT.EXE or BACKDOOR.EXE so you can spot it a mile away. They’re never gonna call it SPOOLER.EXE or SVCHOST.EXE – that’s simply impossible because Windows XP’s top notch security prevents that. Forget about all that antivirus heuristic scanning crap – you know exactly what is a virus and what is not, you don’t need some annoying software telling you the obvious.

4. WindowsUpdate patching keeps your PC 100% safe. Hackers are stupid and can’t keep their mouths shut. They always tell the whole world of loopholes in operating systems because of their ego. They can’t take advantage of the loopholes before Microsoft finds out about it. Microsoft is ALWAYS one step ahead of the hackers you see and so you are in safe hands.

5. Your $80 broadband modem is the best thing since slice bread. The built-in NAT and firewall is better than the expensive $8,000 firewalls from Cisco. Your broadband modem can fend off IP SPOOFING attacks because hackers are too dumb to attack the default IP addresses of the modems like,, etc

6. Attacks only happens via the front door. Hackers are really stupid you know. They can only attack a firewall in one direction (inbound). There’s no way in the world they can trick your system to send data outbound or rely on buffer overflows in software programs. All your software programs are perfectly written and tested before it was released onto the market.

7. You’re so poor, who’s going to steal your money or identity?. As if there are thieves out there interested in emptying out your savings account, steal your eBay password and impersonate you, take out loans, open bank and store accounts etc. Thieves only go after the big fish.

8. Firefox browser is 100% safe. Everyone knows Firefox is the best and totally foolproof browser. Don’t believe propaganda about the Firefox vulnerabilities. Didn’t you know Firefox has hidden firewall, antivirus, and antispyware capabilities? It’s the jack-of-all-trades.

9. You can rely on backed up data. Even if you are infected with viruses, you can always retrieve your data because you’ve backed up your entire 300Gb of data full of MP3s, movies, documents etc. And the backups are totally virus free because you just know it – call it intuition. You can always install antivirus software after the attacks because they are so advanced they can totally disinfect the files 100%, restore deleted and corrupted files, and amazingly decrypt ransomware files.

10. It doesn’t take long to recover from attacks. You have all the time in the world to reinstall a clean system. Reconfiguring software settings to your liking, Windows XP reactivation, etc should only take about 30 minutes tops right? You can always use Ghost or Acronis to image your drives just as long as your hardware hasn’t changed right?

So you see, all these are very good reasons why you DON”T need antivirus or proper software firewalls.

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