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nVidia 196.75 Drivers Cause Overheating

Looks like nVidia 196.75 drivers have faulty fan control software, this causes frame rates to drop while you are playing games or performing any other GPU intensive tasks, this is a result of overheating. It is recommended that if your using this version of the drivers that you revert to the previous version.

There have also been cases of video cards failing due to the overheating, god help anyone running Folding@Home.

nVidia Forum:

Canon CanoScan LiDE 50 x64 Drivers

I don’t know who made these but they work, whoever you are I salute you. Since Canon are tools & wont make the drivers for the Canon LiDE 50 scanner for 64bit Windows, someone hacked them together from drivers of another (LiDE 60) Canon scanner.

Device support for this scanner is not included within Microsoft XP/Vista/Windows 7 x64 or provided as an installable driver by Canon. To resolve this lack of support please install the modified driver below.

This package is based on original Canon ScanGear driver for the LiDE 60 and includes the full ScanGear GUI TWAIN interface required to operate the scanner.

Modifications for the LiDE 50 include:

  • Insertion of Hardware ID
  • Insertion of Device ID
  • Replacement of LiDE 60 Colour Profile with correct LiDE 50 ICC file
  • Insertion of correct flatbed scan area dimensions and imaging capabilities

Direct Download [MediaFire]
eMule ED2k

(You will need 7-Zip to extract this file)

Installation instructions

Extract the files from the archive to a folder.

If you have not yet plugged the Scanner in then when you plug the scanner in Windows will ask you for the location of the drivers, however if you have already plugged in and cancelled this request then you will need to follow the next steps:

  1. Open Device Manager.
  2. Scroll through the list and look for other devices
  3. Expand the other devices group, you will find a device with a yellow exclamation mark on it
  4. Right click on the device
  5. Click Browse my computer for driver software
  6. Click on browse and then navigate to the folder you extract the files to on your Desktop (I.e. the extracted ZIP file) then click next (check Include subfolders if it is not selected)
  7. If Windows thinks the driver in the folder is a match for the device you selected, it will install it.
  8. Once the Wizard finishes successfully, Reboot to allow driver installation to complete

If the installation Wizard was not successful then this driver is not going to work, this usually means you are trying to install the wrong hardware or have a version of Windows that this does not work with.

IOS: Save Running Configuration for Startup

I have my hands on a Cisco IOS based router, so I thought it time to place probably one of the most important commands you will use with an IOS based device on my site.

copy running-config startup-config

The above command copies the configuration that is currently being used/run by the router into the non-volatile memory (NVRAM). The running-config is basically what is sitting in RAM, if the power goes out it’s wiped. NVRAM is were we store this config for use when the router is started, reset, or when the power fails.

This is one of the area’s were Cisco equipment differs from your average Customer-premises equipment (CPE) gear. This can bite you in the ass if you haven’t dealt with it before.

QoS Cheat Sheet

If you’re interested in a really good cheat sheet for QoS, then head on over to It will save you from looking dumb when your brain decides to take a holiday.

It containins information on:

  • Quality of Service Models
  • Layer 2 QoS Markings
  • IP QoS Markings
  • QoS Flowchart
  • QoS Terminology
  • Per-Hop Behaviors
  • Congestion Avoidance
  • IP Type of Service (TOS)
  • Precedence Values
  • DSCP Values
  • Queuing Comparison Chart
  • First In First Out (FIFO)
  • Priority Queuing (PQ)
  • LLQ Configuration Example
  • Custom Queuing (CQ)
  • Weighted Fair Queuing (WFQ)
  • Class-Based WFQ (CBWFQ)
  • Low Latency Queuing (LLQ)
  • Troubleshooting QoS

PacketLife Cheat Sheets

Just Got Myself a Reciva Logik IR100 Internet Radio

Here is an interesting device for you all out there. I decided that I was sick and tired for the horrible radio reception I have at my house given that I pretty much have hills in all directions accept for the ocean to the east. My solution to the problem is however not unique, there are probably a fair few of these things out in the world these days. It’s rather uncomplicated to steam content online these days, and I must say the Reciva Logik IR100 is rather uncomplicated. (Well from my perspective anyway)

First thing I noticed was that the box is not in English, not like I care as long as the unit inside is what it’s meant to be, I did order this from here in Australia so obviously DStore who I got it through, obtained them from a source in Europe.

There is probably no sellers here in Australia at this point, not to mention it’s hard to find any Internet Radios here in Australia anyway. Dick Smith had one (SAGEM My Du@l Radio 700), the guys in the shop didn’t know much about it, and to be honest with you after reading online about it I’m happy with my Logik choice. It might cost a bit more but functionality wise it’s a breeze.

First place I’m going to point you all to is My Reciva Logik IR100 Internet Radio Resource page, now this isn’t My page, it’s some else’s, but it will give you some good ideas about Reciva Logik IR100 Internet Radio. (Not to mention a link to the manual) You will notice from my pictures that my unit is different to the one listed on the above site, that’s because I think mine is a latter generation model.

So let me just get to the point, here are my criticisms:

  • For some reason it doesn’t appear to be compatible with my Netgear WG302 Access Point
  • Wifi range from the unit is poor considering what a PCMCIA card with no visible antenna can do, good thing I have high power antennas on my Router and Access Point to saturate my house

…that’s all I can find at this point, so it’s pretty good at this point. Will update if I find any others.

Update 1

Ok did a firmware update to my router (Draytek 2700VG) and now the signal is way better so maybe the weak signal was caused by the router & not the player.