Firefox 4.0 Annoyances

If you have been using Firefox 4 over the last few days you will have come across a few things that annoy you, below are some solutions to these problems:
  • Enable Save Tabs on Exit for Firefox 4
  • The status bar was removed in Firefox 4.0, Status-4-Evar is an add-on to put it back
  • If you go to Google, Twitter, Wikipedia and the fonts are bold disable Hardware acceleration to get the fonts to display properly (Just to point out, this effects Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9)

Update – Bold Font Fix

Here is a quick fix for the above font issue, Windows 7 font fix. [REG File Mirror]

Basically at some point the font settings in Windows 7 get stuffed & they need resting back to default. You can download the reg file from Desert Tech & apply it to your system, this should fix the font issues for both Firefox & Internet Explorer 9.