Firefox 3.6.13 Released

Firefox 3.6.13 has been released to fix the following issues:

  • MFSA 2010-84 XSS hazard in multiple character encodings
  • MFSA 2010-83 Location bar SSL spoofing using network error page
  • MFSA 2010-82 Incomplete fix for CVE-2010-0179
  • MFSA 2010-81 Integer overflow vulnerability in NewIdArray
  • MFSA 2010-80 Use-after-free error with nsDOMAttribute MutationObserver
  • MFSA 2010-79 Java security bypass from LiveConnect loaded via data: URL meta refresh
  • MFSA 2010-78 Add support for OTS font sanitizer
  • MFSA 2010-77 Crash and remote code execution using HTML tags inside a XUL tree
  • MFSA 2010-76 Chrome privilege escalation with and <isindex> element
  • MFSA 2010-75 Buffer overflow while line breaking after document.write with long string
  • MFSA 2010-74 Miscellaneous memory safety hazards (rv: