Windows 7 Beta (Day 2)

Well after a nights sleep I’ve now got my hands on a Windows 7 Beta Product Key. (So after all I didn’t miss out)

Now come the fun part, since I have a product key now, I can actually download the software as it’s worth my time and bandwidth to do so now. So now again we play the waiting game for the files to download.

Update 1

To get a serial number you will need to go to the Microsoft site.

Here is the file information for Windows 7 Beta 32bit:

Size : 2.44GB
File Name : 7000.0.081212-1400_client_en-us_Ultimate-GB1CULFRE_EN_DVD.iso
MD5 : F9DCE6EB D0A63930 B44D8AE8 02B63825
SHA-1 : 60711842 82B2156F F61CDC52 60545C07 8CCA31EE
SHA-256 : F9C3D02C 2E2A1C8B 22E0A77E 0374E36B 7738640E 2334EAEE FAE11F61 5B5B85C0
SHA-512 : B0073216 6FB5DEEE CA315DBF 7F104757 A566D51E 8E70536F E73AE533 3937D07D 56BC57DF B552B385 2363B881 8F0A02E1 818AB033 24120984 B99E834E 23F28AC1
Size-64 : 00000000 9C17A000
ED2K : 536FE89EAC9B27B5061E81F36485C7EF
Direct Download : Download –

Here is the file information for Windows 7 Beta 64bit:

Size : 3.15GB
File Name : 7000.0.081212-1400_client_en-us_Ultimate-GB1CULXFRE_EN_DVD.iso
MD5 : 773FC9CC 60338C61 2AF716A2 A14F177D
SHA-1 : E09FDBC1 CB3A92CF 6CC87204 0FDAF655 53AB62A5
SHA-256 : 4BE7AE27 4E2B3418 4DDEE8D9 5814BA09 908D200D 96DF05D1 E8908C1A 568332A7
SHA-512 : 8C08BBD4 FE196E2A 11E17DE4 2A2DC8B8 5575D34B 961C3854 A6C06E04 E56BFFB0 FA5A988B 953C2950 88668677 83413AE4 A67BFC37 81D6016B 0EBFC2D0 4CAE6C48
Size-64 : 00000000 C9E1A800
ED2K : F9BDCD5339819024C01B498677ED8545
Direct Download : Download –

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