Senator Conroy Gets Things Rolling

Senator Stephen Conroy has started the process to build Australia’s new national broadband network. The Request for Proposals has been released and in it are a set of guidelines that are intended to aim the project in the desired direction.

The Request for Proposals details the scope of the National Broadband Network, which will:
  • deliver minimum download speeds of 12 megabits per second to 98 per cent of Australian homes and businesses
  • have the network rolled out and made operational progressively over five years using fibre-to-the-node or fibre-to-the-premises technology
  • support high quality voice, data and video services including symmetric applications such as high-definition video-conferencing
  • earn the Commonwealth a return on its investment
  • facilitate competition in the telecommunications sector through open access arrangements that allow all service providers access to the network on equivalent terms
  • nable uniform and affordable retail prices to consumers, no matter where they live

The federal government has allocated about AU$4.7 billion to this project.


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