It’s Not Cheating

WWW.ITSNOTCHEATING.COM.AU is a program run by Microsoft in an effort to help University Students obtain legitimate copies of Microsoft Office 2007 for a very low price. For example you can Purchase a 1 Year Licence for AU$25, and with this you can use Microsoft Office 2007 for 1 year. Alternatively you can spend AU$75 and get Microsoft Office 2007 for life. If you don’t beleave me then you can visit the Microsoft Uni-student Offer page.

Now you question why I’m bloging about this, well I’m after a chance to win some prizes, because at the moment WWW.ITSNOTCHEATING.COM.AU is running a competition for bloggers.

The prizes include:

  1. AU$10,000 Cancas Prepaid VISA Card
  2. Vista HP Laptop HPDV6000
  3. Palm Treo 500V Smart Phone powered by Windows Mobile