How to Schedule Telnet Commands

So I was trying to find a way to schedule telnet commands, personally all I could find was commercial programs that you need to pay for and that was something I wasn’t wiling to do. Luckily I stumbled across this little gem called Telnet Scripting Tool v1.0. The program is by Albert Yale. Unfortunately the official site ( for the program doesn’t exist any more so I will provide a link to the program at the end of this article.

This program is pretty simple to use really. All you do is create a script file in notepad that contains the commands you wish to use in telnet.

The following code should be placed in a text file. e.g scriptname.txt

(This example should reset any CPE Billion router – e.g 7402VGO) 23
WAIT "Login:"
SEND "admin\m"
WAIT "Password:"
SEND "default\m"
WAIT "admin>"
SEND "system restart\m"

That looks pretty simple doesn’t it. The first line of your script is always the address and port number. If you are using TCP port 23 then you don’t really have to say it, it’s considered default. First thing we do is WAIT"Login:" peace of text. Once it has done this we then respond with SEND "admin\m", this give the router the login name admin, and the \m represents the user pressing enter.

Thats pretty much it WAIT then respond to the WAIT by sending a command using SEND

Command Line

Once you have completed your script of the commands you wish to use you are now ready to issue a command to run your script.

tst10.exe /r:scriptname.txt

This causes the script file that you created to run, if you follow the example and have a billion router or another router that has the same telnet interface your modem will reset.


It’s now simply a matter of using Windows Scheduled Tasks to execute the command line at the time you wish.
How To Schedule Tasks in Windows


Now thats not very hard to use is it, and is very useful if you need to force a reboot on a device with a telnet interface.


Telnet Scripting Tool v1.0
TST Readme

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