Spammers Abusing Verisign Site Search

It appears as though those wonderful spammers who brought use the Google “I’m feeling lucky” url abuse, have now found a new site to abuse, Verisign. Basically what the spammers are now doing is using the site search feature on Verisign‘s website to mask their urls. All they have to do is place their address at the end of “” and it is enough to mask their site. I don’t think it will be long before the phishers pick up on this one.

I’ve also noticed that some casino site is now using the Google “I’m feeling lucky” abuse with the search phrase “"million megabet from casino online" Magic Jackpot!

My previous post about the Google abuse has been updated to reflect the new phrase.

Verisign have now blocked this re-direct, anyone trying to use it will now be redirected to a Verisign site search. Thank You Versign for taking positive action.