Dodgy Awardspace Hosting

Well I moved my website because of a number of factors that Awardspace simply refuse to accept and deal with problems with there service. The first problem I found was that I couldn’t access my site from some internet providers, interestingly enough I contacted the providers even went into second level support and basically we worked out that some were along the line between the provider and Awardspace the packets were being dropped. More precisely it appeared to be at the uplink provider to Awardspace. But even with this evidence the arrogant bastards who are there forum administrators would not accept that it was their problem.

And now I found that one of my friend websites basically doesn’t work now because for some reason there servers will not accept the valid links to pages in her site, and every time her pages loads it redirects to Awardspace’s home page. For some reason in there wisdom they have decided that error messages are a good way to advertise for their hosting when clearly proper error messages are needed. Buy all means they are free to make their own error messages, but people need real error messages as well to diagnose problems.

Very simple everyone steer clear of the freehosting

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