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Firefox 28

Firefox 28 Released:

  • NEW – VP9 video decoding implemented
  • NEW – Mac OS X: Notification Center support for web notifications
  • NEW – Horizontal HTML5 audio/video volume control
  • NEW – Support for Opus in WebM
  • CHANGED – Now that spdy/3 is implemented support for spdy/2 has been removed and servers without spdy/3 will negotiate to http/1 without any penalty
  • DEVELOPER – Support for MathML 2.0 ‘mathvariant’ attribute
  • DEVELOPER – Background thread hang reporting
  • DEVELOPER – Support for multi-line flexbox in layout
  • FIXED – Various security fixes

Firefox 27 Available

A new version of Firefox has been released:

  • NEW
    You can now run more than one service at a time with Firefox SocialAPI, allowing you to receive notifications, chat and more from multiple integrated services
    Enabled TLS 1.1 (RFC 4346) and TLS 1.2 (RFC 5246) by default
    Added support for SPDY 3.1 protocol
    Ability to reset style sheets using ‘all:unset’
    You can now choose to deobfuscate javascript in the debugger (see 762761)
    Added support for scrolled fieldsets (see 261037)
    Implemented allow-popups directive for iframe sandbox, enabling increased security (see 766282)
    CSS cursor keywords -moz-grab and -moz-grabbing have been unprefixed (see 880672)
    Added support for ES6 generators in SpiderMonkey (see blog post)
    Implemented support for mathematical function Math.hypot() in ES6 (see 896264)
  • HTML5
    Dashed line support on Canvas (see 768067)
    Get Azure/Skia content rendering working on Linux (see 740200)
    27.0: Security fixes can be found here


Firefox 25 Available

New features:

  • NEW – Web Audio support
  • NEW – The find bar is no longer shared between tabs
  • CHANGED – If away from Firefox for months, you now will be offered the option to reset it to its default state while preserving your essential information
  • CHANGED – Resetting Firefox no longer clears your browsing session
  • DEVELOPER – CSS3 background-attachment:local support to control background scrolling
  • DEVELOPER – Many new ES6 functions implemented
  • HTML5 – iframe document content can now be specified inline
  • FIXED – Blank or missing page thumbnails when opening a new tab
  • FIXED – Security fixes can be found here


Firefox 24

Firefox 24 now available:

  • NEW – Support for new scrollbar style in Mac OS X 10.7 and newer
  • NEW – Implemented Close tabs to the right
  • NEW – Social: Ability to tear-off chat windows to view separately by simply dragging them out
  • CHANGED – Accessibility related improvements on using pinned tabs (see 577727)
  • CHANGED – Removed support for Revocation Lists feature (see 867465)
  • CHANGED – Performance improvements on New Tab Page loads (see 791670)
  • DEVELOPER – Major SVG rendering improvements around Image tiling and scaling (see 600207 )
  • DEVELOPER – Improved and unified Browser console for enhanced debugging experience, replacing existing Error console
  • DEVELOPER – Removed support for sherlock files that are loaded from application or profile directory
  • FIXED – Replace fixed-ratio audio resampler in webrtc.org capture code with Speex resampler and eliminate pseudo-44000Hz rate ( see 886886)
  • FIXED – 24.0: Security fixes can be found here

Firefox 23 Now Avalible

Firefox 23.0 release with the following changes:

  • Dynamic toolbar hides navigation bar when scrolling down page content
  • Basic support for subscribing to feeds (RSS/Atom) with long-tap in address bar
  • Add pages to reading list on devices incapable of accessing Reader Mode
  • Preliminary implementation of Firefox Health Report for Android (see FAQ)
  • Added a setting to let users display URLs in the title bar instead of page titles
  • Users can now specify a default search engine
  • Implemented switch-to-tab
  • Added hu and tr to Android multi-locale builds
  • Added Serif/Sans Serif font toggle to Reader Mode
  • Long press Reader Mode icon to add article to Reading List (try it!)
  • Awesomescreen remembers user entered search terms
  • CSP policies using the standard syntax and semantics will now be enforced
  • Write more accessible pages on touch interfaces with new ARIA role for key buttons
  • Added unprefixed requestAnimationFrame
  • HTML5 <input type=”range” /> form control implemented
  • Dropped blink effect from text-decoration: blink; and completely removed element
  • Various security fixes

Firefox 18 Released

Firefox 18 has been released

  • Faster JavaScript performance via IonMonkey compiler
  • Support for Retina Display on OS X 10.7 and up
  • Preliminary support for WebRTC
  • Experience better image quality with our new HTML scaling algorithm
  • Performance improvements around tab switching
  • Support for new DOM property window.devicePixelRatio
  • Improvement in startup time through smart handling of signed extension certificates
  • Support for W3C touch events implemented, taking the place of MozTouch events
  • Disable insecure content loading on HTTPS pages (62178)
  • Improved responsiveness for users on proxies (769764)

Release Notes

Firefox 16.0.1 Released

Firefox version 16 has been released:

  • Fixed Vulnerability could allow a malicious site to potentially determine which websites users have visited and have access to the URL or URL parameters
  • Firefox on Mac OS X now has preliminary VoiceOver support turned on by default
  • Initial web app support (Windows/Mac/Linux)
  • Acholi and Kazakh localizations added
  • Improvements around JavaScript responsiveness through incremental garbage collection
  • New Developer Toolbar with buttons for quick access to tools, error count for the Web Console, and a new command line for quick keyboard access
  • CSS3 Animations, Transitions, Transforms and Gradients unprefixed in Firefox 16
  • Recently opened files list in Scratchpad implemented
  • Debugger breakpoints do not catch on page reload (783393)
  • No longer supporting MD5 as a hash algorithm in digital signatures (650355)
  • Opus support by default (772341)
  • Reverse animation direction has been implemented (655920)
  • Per tab reporting in about:memory (687724)
  • User Agent strings for pre-release Firefox versions now show only major version (728831)