Twitter Posts for week ending 2014-03-15

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  • Just reported a hazard on M1 – Pacific Mtwy (S), Duranbah, using @waze – Social GPS. ->
  • RT @chrisbrownie: The war on USB flash drives continues to cost airlines tens of thousands: ->
  • Reddit Users Were Asked To Sum Up Their First Sexual Experience With A GIF. The Responses Were Magnificent (SFW) ->
  • RT @ScooterDMC: @turnbullmalcolm You constantly ignoring valid tweets about your #NBN justifies just how right we all are, and how wrong yo… ->
  • RT @NathanLee: Any closer to delivering fibre to homes today @TurnbullMalcolm ? No? More enquiries & burning money trying not to deliver an… ->
  • RT @PMMurdoch: LNP is offering internet 'in the style of' an NBN. Don't be burdened by extra time in your day resulting from needlessly fas… ->
  • RT @timosimo7: Turnbull wants to MODERNIZE MEDIA OWNERSHIP citing NEW Technologies while at the same time gives AUSTRALIA OUTDATED COPPER b… ->
  • RT @CNET: Google to Aus Govt: "Online piracy is primarily an availability and pricing problem." The web giant weighs in at… ->
  • Coalition front bench "technically illiterate", says Ludlam – Delimiter via @delimiterau ->
  • RT @GeorgeBludger: Australia is ranked 43rd in terms of average speed (5.5 Mbps), with min. 25Mbps originally "guaranteed" by @TurnbullMalc->
  • Just reported a police trap on M1 – Pacific Mtwy (N), Tyagarah, using @waze – Social GPS. ->
  • Just reported a jam on M1 – Pacific Mtwy (N), using @waze – Social GPS. ->
  • Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for March 2014 ->
  • Just reported a jam on TR30 – Ewingsdale Rd, Byron Bay, using @waze – Social GPS. ->
  • Just reported a jam on TR30 – Shirley St, Byron Bay, using @waze – Social GPS. ->